— Our History & Commitment

Nazca was founded in 2014 with a challenging mission: to empower the best leaders in Mexico and Latin America, fully based on merit. To balance the status-quo between capital and talent. We believe that by doing so, we are setting our region on a path towards social and economic success.

Nazca [nahs-kah]:

1. In Spanish, to be born, to rise.
2. A tectonic division of the earth's crust, which unites various geographies of Latin America.

— What our founders say

We want to nurture a community of leaders motivated by achieving their full potential.

Founder Centricity




Meritocracy & Teamwork

— Our Team

Rooted on founder values, we’ve assembled a highly experienced and motivated team.

Jaime Zunzunegui

Managing Partner

Hector Sepulveda

Managing Partner

Adolfo Blasco


Michelle Fischman

Head of Platform

Mariana Romero

Head of Scout

Daniela Alvarez


Natalia Sánchez


Laura Ruiz


Andrea Navarro

Head of Legal

Ivan Carrillo


Oscar Sanchez

Head of Finance

Edgar Villalaba

Head of Accounting

Daniela Tello

Legal Assistant

Yovani Mazariegos

Office Manager